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I try to ignore opinions that are merely copied from media/others; so, I realize, should I for guilt, confessions, admissions: real atonement comes from within; parroting confessions, just like “we have sinned” in church, is mostly performance/ritual, without skin in the game.

Beware either/or,  with us/against us, yes/no approaches to complex questions, not least because they leave out some of the most interesting responses, such as: neither, the framing is malformed, there are more dimensions than you think.

If you, your community, or even most people, think that those opposed to you are cranks, pseudo-scientists, deluded, etc. remember that you’re necessarily wrong some of the time, and those category errors, once uncovered, represent immense opportunity.

In a discourse with sides (e.g. left-right, a two-party system, prescriptive vs descriptive), it’s impossible for your side to be right about everything; the other side’s ideas should be an efficient place to find merit, therefore, if you can manage to ignore the branding.

Philosophy Smell #7: “Denial as a Symptom of Guilt”—The lady doth protest too much, indeed. Nonetheless, anything in the form, “that which disagrees with X is evidence of X” is a mind-prison, internment in which can sometimes be broken only by a painful collision with reality.