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“This train has no reverse-gear and no brakes,”  — Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Right now we’re witness to an interesting rivalry internationally. Iran and the European Union, both powers which want to assert themselves in a diplomatic world, in which they are aspiring, somewhat thwarted, though not altogether oppressed. Iran wants nukes, and the… Continue Reading The Strait of Hormuz — Iran, Oil and Nukes

Birmingham – I strolled down from the Paradise Forum along the walkway to the War Memorial, a central structure encircled by a pavement; directly ahead a huge building site completely obscures the peace garden adjacent to it, so my first visit to the Occupation was also my first visit to… Continue Reading Occupy Birmingham – Interview and Discussion

A few days ago, in Cannock town centre, I was asked to stop by a street fundraiser. I looked back at her, and said: ‘No, sorry; thank you, cheers.’; as if I could help the fact that I had not stopped and talked if I accompanied the refusal with polite… Continue Reading The Impermanent Street Fundraiser

In the most recent episode of Sherlock on BBC 1, Sherlock Holmes, when confronted with Moriarty’s plan, jumps from the top of St Bartholomew’s hospital. If he didn’t, the assassins would have taken out Watson, Lastrade and Mrs Hudson. My sister Emily has a theory as to the way in… Continue Reading How Did Holmes Fake His Death?

Garth Station, this place is made of nostalgia. Sitting in the small shelter on the platform, one can look across, past the rusty-cream pillars which support the roof and over the single track — an absurdity in its self — and see the abandoned and overgrown second platform which used… Continue Reading 10/I/12 — Garth to Cannock

On March 17th 1988, The Apple Computer corporation filed a law suit against Microsoft, accusing the latter of copying its idea for a graphical interface. Since that point the technology and software market has never been divorced from its attending patent battles and law suits which seem to be declared,… Continue Reading Technology Realpolitik

Guy Ritchie has made a very descent adaptation of the more than famous detective in this sequel to the 2009 outing. I must admit (to my personal detriment, I know) that I have neither read the books by Doyle nor seen the first of the films which have been made… Continue Reading Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows