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Popper says that collaboration among cultures leads to innovation, because, to collaborate, people must communicate via abstraction. I wonder the same is true of popular music groups: the excellent ones are that way, in part, because the group develops interesting abstractions.

“Billions of items transacted through a global supply chain are being replaced by software; and those digital replacements move through a completely different chain, which is dominated by companies that understand its control points.” — Robert Tercek

New word: Postelism or Robustism — something comfortingly reciprocal/balanced, often but not always in the form, “be conservative in x and liberal in y.”

E.g. “Be conservative in your breaking, be liberal in your stopping distance.” 

E.g. “Be conservative in your use of language, be liberal in your reading and acceptance of new terms.”

“Thought leadership” is a phrase describing the moment when the reader identifies that there is another human being behind the “content,” via the fragments of personality not smoothed out by their employer.