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Oli-colour2I’m a 23 year old writer, composer and, on weekdays, marketer. Born in England, bred in Wales, spiritually in the USA; I’m libertarian, non-clerical but spiritual.

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If you really think George Galloway is insincere, that is sad! If you were to study his speeches, or even read a few of his columns, or maybe had listened to him on the Talk-Sport radio show that he hosted for many years, you might have figured out that the man has never fails to stand up for any of the issues, nor any of the people that he believes in. And he does so with all the vigor and intelligence of a fearless warrior from a more ethical time and place.

Maybe the reason he is so irritating to you is due to his ability to speak truth to power? He uses his voice and his words to affect change, and to defend the downtrodden. He applies his opinion in order to make changes for the betterment of mankind…and he honestly works for what he believes in. He would never fail to defend an underdog! And he certainly could live off of the money from his various libel actions. . . and not have to fight and win his various uphill battles on behalf of all us ungrateful “weirdos”. Oh that’s right, his voice irritates you!

Shame on you for joining the nay-sayers! He was right about Iraq, and he is right about Palestine. And I am certain that the powers that be can not stand him for these reasons, as well as due to their obvious jealousy over his charisma and popularity.

Maybe I misread you?

I am sorry to be critical, but I am disappointed to read once more, and on a thinking person’s blog at that; the typical kind of personal attack, and shallow talking points, so often directed at George Galloway, and seemingly for no given reason other than that “he irritates” you, and because he wins an election. I say Good for him, and Good for us all!

If only more politicians had his fearlessness, and his good intentions; maybe this world might have a less dismal future…and a less embarrassing history!

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