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iowa2My new short story collection – a study on creation and destruction, self-destruction and self-preservation, and how we can never seem to find the right instinct for the case in hand – is out.

It’s called Deliverance Machine and Other stories, and you can find it here.


Here’s a break down of the stories and what you can expect from them:–


Lightning Bolt

An evening in the life of a heroin romantic.

A Tie Means Life

What happens when the state gives people permission to kill themselves, if their family and friends say they can.

Offal and Brick

Meaningless violence.

Deliverance Machine

The machine designed to help people to kill themselves becomes self-aware.

Abraham and Isaac

Should speak for itself.


If the next step were the girl next door.

I hope you enjoy it, please leave a review to tell me what you think.

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