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Offensive Censorship

Offensive Censorship published on 2 Comments on Offensive Censorship

By way of a temporal journey back a few months: I was reading a BBC article today which discussed the decision by the German state of Bavaria to allow the publication of Mein Kampf after it’s copyright expires in 2015. I was then directed to a story about how the booksellers Waterstone’s apologized for including the book on their Christmas recommendations list. They stated in a wilting response that no politics section should include the volume and that they were sorry for the offense caused.Continue reading Offensive Censorship

The Constitution of the Mind

The Constitution of the Mind published on 1 Comment on The Constitution of the Mind

In the last Saturday’s Guardian Magazine, the boldly titled ‘This Column Will Change Your Life’ referred to a very interesting study on the nature of the human mind. The column discussed the way in which people perceive the constitution of the human mind and even the dreaded soul, and whether the mind is a function of matter or divorced from it. The study was interesting in that rather than addressing the question itself, it concerned itself with how the way in which people live their lives is affected by the view which they take on this question.Continue reading The Constitution of the Mind