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The Nuclear Deterrent: A Response to a Meme by Another Angry Voice


The deterrent effect works on the belief on the part of the opponent that a retaliation will be forthcoming. Despite how much we don’t want to retaliate, our people and theirs will be safest if we pretend that we always will. Read more…

The Nice Terrorist Attack, What Do We Do Now? (Graphic Image)

Nice France

A terrorist attack has struck at yet another aspect of France that the French value most. ISIS is the threat to civilisation, because of who they are and because of who we are. Read more…

Photos from Copenhagen, #2: by the Beach

Buildings on the Beach

I took two walks to the beach, a thin strip of sand and concrete just to the East of Copenhagen. Read more…


Photos from Copenhagen, #1: by the River

Night time Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a beautiful city, and I was fortunate to catch some lovely scenes when I visited. Read more…

Musings from Copenhagen


Some thoughts from Copenhagen, in no particular order. Read more…

How to Be Happier, Particularly How to Move on from Relationship Breakups

Sunset in Copenhagen

Sunset in Copenhagen

Move on. Think Positively. Don’t dwell on it. All of this is much, much easier said than done. It’s possible, though, and here’s how. Read more…

Examining the Media’s Representation of Atrocities, II: Dylann Roof


The media will underplay the ideology that motivates a white person if they commit an atrocity, blaming emotional issues instead. Let’s put this to the test. Read more…


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