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The Destruction-Wish

The Destruction-Wish published on No Comments on The Destruction-Wish

Many things which are dear and opportune have an interesting dual potency, like in-built responsibility or side-effect which accompanies them. Of course I’m not sure whether this observation is original, but I observe that people have a tendency, when presented with something of this nature, either to manage or destroy.Continue reading The Destruction-Wish

27/IX/12 — Liverpool

27/IX/12 — Liverpool published on 2 Comments on 27/IX/12 — Liverpool

So Telemachos spoke, and the broad-seeing Zeus sent him
Two eagles from above the crest of a mountain flying.
They for a time flew down along with the blasts of the wind,
Stretching their wings out close to one another.
But when they came to the midst of the many-voiced assembly,
Then they whirled about and beat their wings rapidly.
They went to the heads of all and destruction was in their look,
As they tore each other’s cheeks and throats on both sides with their claws.

— Homer, The Odyssey: chapter 2, lines 146-153

27/IX/12 4:04 – So, I decide to head, after a look at another bookshop, to the library for another campaign against The Odyssey. As I walked I noticed a friend of mine in conversation and I carried on, then decided that I should speak to her, stopped to talk to another friend who was also in the area then lent against a tree until she arrived. We decided to get a coffee in the library cafe, which I was owed (in her words), and we sat down to discuss national identity and music.Continue reading 27/IX/12 — Liverpool