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Birmingham University — A Protest

Birmingham University — A Protest published on No Comments on Birmingham University — A Protest

The protesters form a semi-circle against the Nuffield Building, in Birmingham University campus. An impassioned protester yells into a microphone, damning the cuts to staff pensions and to other facilities which Professor David Eastwood, Vice Chancellor, has instituted. ~In every single aspect you take a hard line.~ The students now enter an ardent frenzy, chanting ~We are all Simon Furse.~ In solidarity with a fellow protester who is suffering a ‘disciplinary’. One can feel the support and taste the rage. A young woman takes the megaphone and belows into it, beseeching the protesters to make enough noise so that those who are in there will know how many people are out here. As she cries the heart flutters and one wants to rise ~Hands off Simon Furse.~ They chant.Continue reading Birmingham University — A Protest

General Secretary of the CND: Short Interview

General Secretary of the CND: Short Interview published on No Comments on General Secretary of the CND: Short Interview

On Thursday I went to a public debate in Birmingham University, on whether or not Britain should renew the Trident nuclear weapons system. I already knew the motion, and had established that — given the opportunity which exists in debates of this type for audience members to make a three minute speech — I would speak in favour of Trident’s renewal; not because that is my unvarnished opinion, more that that would be a more fun and more useful view to vent.Continue reading General Secretary of the CND: Short Interview