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Offensive Censorship

Offensive Censorship published on 2 Comments on Offensive Censorship

By way of a temporal journey back a few months: I was reading a BBC article today which discussed the decision by the German state of Bavaria to allow the publication of Mein Kampf after it’s copyright expires in 2015. I was then directed to a story about how the booksellers Waterstone’s apologized for including the book on their Christmas recommendations list. They stated in a wilting response that no politics section should include the volume and that they were sorry for the offense caused.Continue reading Offensive Censorship

Gauleiter — Alex Salmond’s Bland Failure

Gauleiter — Alex Salmond’s Bland Failure published on 1 Comment on Gauleiter — Alex Salmond’s Bland Failure

A short time ago, Alex Salmond called a Ric Bailey, the political advisor to the BBC, a Gauleiter.┬áThe name calling was in response to the fact it was because of this poor BBC chap that Salmond’s place as a pundit during a certain Rugby match had been withdrawn, supposedly because his presence would cause impartiality issues for the BBC, at a time of debate over the existence of the Union.Continue reading Gauleiter — Alex Salmond’s Bland Failure