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Offensive Censorship

Offensive Censorship published on 2 Comments on Offensive Censorship

By way of a temporal journey back a few months: I was reading a BBC article today which discussed the decision by the German state of Bavaria to allow the publication of Mein Kampf after it’s copyright expires in 2015. I was then directed to a story about how the booksellers Waterstone’s apologized for including the book on their Christmas recommendations list. They stated in a wilting response that no politics section should include the volume and that they were sorry for the offense caused.Continue reading Offensive Censorship

Free Will

Free Will published on 2 Comments on Free Will

A few days ago I talked with a school friend with whom I hadn’t spoken in a while. She is a first-year studying English Literature, History and Philosophy in university. We talked over the usual news and plans which people explore when they haven’t chatted in a while; then we moved on to philosophy, an area in which I wish I had more knowledge.Continue reading Free Will

10/I/12 — Garth to Cannock

10/I/12 — Garth to Cannock published on No Comments on 10/I/12 — Garth to Cannock

Garth Station, this place is made of nostalgia. Sitting in the small shelter on the platform, one can look across, past the rusty-cream pillars which support the roof and over the single track — an absurdity in its self — and see the abandoned and overgrown second platform which used to serve the second set of tracks which once run through.Continue reading 10/I/12 — Garth to Cannock