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Musings from Copenhagen

Musings from Copenhagen published on No Comments on Musings from Copenhagen


Some thoughts from Copenhagen, in no particular order.

The water shimmers gold, but it’s only brilliant on the surface – it’s gold is skin deep, but then, so is gold’s gold; underneath the surface, it’s dim, turn off the lights and gold is charcoal. Elsewhere, the water’s matte, not mirrored. There are too many waves coming from too many directions, this, in combination with the sun, make the water step by, frame by frame, like a cartoon.

*    *     *


You take a walk at night – you’re by the river, and the lights from street lamps and offices cast long shadows on the water. They’re bright, dynamic, but completely without thickness, visible, but not quite in existence. They’re thoughts, underneath them lies a dim mass of water, deep and always conforming, unseen. And you think to yourself that the only one thing that could complete this picture: a lover’s hand to hold, someone to be with – together and watching the long shimmers and spots. But they’ll let go, leaving and open hand, as the sun rises. It rises, erases the reflections – so you’d better get used to it. The water will find its low point.

*    *     *


The 12-bar blues is compelling because it is like existence: you start out, you wonder, but no matter how far you go, you always end up back at the same place. The great magnet will always pull you towards the root chord, geographically or mentally. We like the blues because, ten or so times per song and a few hundred times per night, the blues goes somewhere and nowhere, sympathizing with us as we can’t help but fall upon the same groves, drinking the same beer on the same chair, when you never really liked the beer or the chair in the first instance. Rather, like the blues, you come back to the same place because that’s just what the blues does.

*    *     *


You look at the ember of your cigarette, you realize that you’re going to light the next one on it – it won’t be enough. You tried to choose a good spot to watch the sun set, but you wonder whether there is a better one. There’s always a better one – a better place to be, a better bar with a better band, a better woman. There’s always a better, and that’s something you have to accept, the fact that what you have will never be enough. Rather, give me somewhere to sit, something to write with and on and I’ll be just fine.

When you’re in the best bar in town, with the best music, the best people, the best perspective from which to watch the sun go down – how will you know? You won’t. You’ll be looking over your shoulder, wondering whether you can do better. You’re not Janus, you can’t look over your shoulder and at what you’re doing at the same time. Enjoy whatever is true for you in your unique place in existence.

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