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Sex and My Beef with Tucker Max

Sex and My Beef with Tucker Max published on No Comments on Sex and My Beef with Tucker Max

Tucker Max, for those who are not familiar, is a author and blogger who writes about his masculine escapades. He operates a successful website and has written four books. His work relates his experiences which nearly always involve getting drunk, almost always involve sex and often involve making a nuisance of himself and bringing destruction.

[Sex and sexuality is discussed within this post]

I was guided to his site through Maddox, being directed towards Tucker Max as a related author by other websites — the two writers are about as different as they are similar, but I’ll let people make their own comparisons.

Tucker Max’s writing is essentially a series of drunken and sexed escapades with a high degree of hubris. It is very amusing to read, although I do get a guilty feeling on some occasions when I realise that the source of my amusement is the destruction of property, the breaking of laws and the will of the people around the author. He does not pretend that this is not the case, however. I am bound to note that his work is diverting and inventive and, though my experience is limited, I call it much better-written written than a large portion of the material in the broadsheet press.

With writers of this type one can usually be sure that almost all people and holders of certain viewpoints will be insulted at some point during the read, and that the writer will be something close to even handed in their scorn. However, Tucker Max fails this test when he addresses the subject of transgender.

In his post, ‘The Most Disturbing Story Ever’, our author relates how he attended a gay bar of an evening. He explains how he enters the bar with friends and starts talking to gay men, who begin to say disturbing¬†things to him. The crux of the gay person’s point is that Tucker, though his numerous sexual encounters, is likely to have had sex with a post-op transgender individual on occasion. This is the disturbing part.

So, Tucker Max, the fornicating and fearless warrior of madness is shocked by a small digression away from the arbitrary idea of natural gender? He really seems to have been unsettled by this, which is strange. A male to female post-op transexual will be anatomically female and will act as a woman, with only a few  tenets which which will mark them as having been male in the past. If they were attractive enough for Tucker to have sex with them (he claims to be discerning while inebriated) then how can it be a problem if he realises that they were born male?

It would seem that his reaction to the conversation was the result of him not properly considering the facts. Unfortunately, certain sections of modern society are still suspicious of people who challenge the gender rules, and Tucker acted on that instinct, rather than on the razor wit which he is often able to deploy.

One has to look at one’s priorities, I can speak for myself when I say that I wish my sexual partners to be anatomically female, and that their birth sex is as secondary as any other tenet which is no longer expressed.

I suppose that this is another instance of good speakers forgetting to challenge the thoughtless and stunted logic which is often presented in society, inadvertently adopting it rather than subjecting it to their usual assault. Tucker Max is funny, but this story of his was a failure of criticism as well as a failure of nuance.

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